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Wood Burning Stoves are alluring because of their cozy flames, rustic charm and warmth.

Imagine yourself on a chilly night. You’re pulling your sweater up a bit tighter. You are curled up in a chair with a great book and the only noise is the crackling Fireplaces. You’d say it has a magical quality. It’s not only about heat. It is about creating atmosphere.

Now let’s talk about the shop. Consider these things before purchasing one of the beauties. It’s important to consider the size. Do not choose a heater that underwhelms, or transforms your living space into a hot sauna. Think about the space you have and how much heating you need.

Anyone ever say: “It’s easy as falling of a log?” Installing a wood stove is not as easy as you might think. You’ll also need to think about ventilation. A good airflow is important for both safety and efficiency. Check your chimney regularly or install flues if you need to.

The fuel itself is wood. All wood does not burn the same. Hardwoods burn longer and more hotly than softwoods. The key is to use only seasoned wood. Freshly chopped wood has too much moisture, which will result in more smoke and less flame.

Talking about smoke, let’s face it: Nobody wants to have their walls covered in soot or smell smoky on their clothes. Although a well-maintained oven will minimize these issues, expect to have some cleaning chores along the way.

Many people overlook the importance of placement in the home. Although you may have visions for it to be in the middle of your living space, practicality should also guide this decision. Be sure to keep it away from flammables and leave enough space for safety around it.

Let’s take a break from the technical and focus on aesthetics. After all, they are so beautiful! You can choose between a variety of styles, including sleek modern models or those that look like they belong in a rustic cabin.

Even though they are helpful, looks alone don’t make a difference. Functionality takes precedence. Some models are equipped with cool features like glass doors or built-in fan to help distribute heat evenly.

Although maintenance is not exactly a dinner topic, ignoring it could cause future problems. Regularly check the seals of windows and door to make sure they are airtight.

Got kids? Pets? Add some barriers around the stove area. Because curious hands and paws plus hot surfaces are a dangerous combination.

Before diving in, everyone should think carefully about the costs. When you consider not only the cost of the stove, but also necessary changes to your house’s structure in order to properly vent it, initial installation can be quite expensive.

Yet despite all these considerations–the planning, maintenance, costs–the payoff is huge: warmth that feels different from what you’d get out of an electric heater or even central heating system; it’s warmer somehow…cozier…more personal.

Why do people choose wood burning stoves over other types of heating? There’s a nostalgia for simpler times, or maybe there’s nothing better than a wood burning stove when the winds of winter start to howl outside.

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