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Why Do My Carpets Still Feel “Crispy”, Even After Cleaning? Your Carpet Cleaning Question Answered

Carpet cleaning is essential to maintaining a clean house read more. It is not uncommon for carpet cleaning to produce unexpected results. Some carpets can feel “crispy”, even after they have been cleaned. This is a confusing problem. Carpet cleaning mosman customers have repeatedly asked us about this. In this article, we will discuss why your carpets feel crunchy when you clean them and offer some prevention suggestions.

Clean Carpets Are Crispy.

Most often, carpets become crunchy after a wash due to inadequate extraction of cleaning solution or water. When cleaning carpets, the fibers will be treated with water and cleaners before being removed by a powerful vacuum. If the rug is not thoroughly dried or if you use a vacuum that’s too powerful, there could be residue left on the carpet, which gives it a crunchy and hard texture.

Carpets may have felt crunchy because the cleaning agent was not adequately diluted. Carpet cleaning solutions come in different strengths. Some need more water. If the cleaning solution is not properly diluted, it could leave behind a residue that’s soapy or sticky and cause the fibers to become stiff.

How to keep carpets from being crunched when you clean them

Avoiding crunchy carpets following cleaning is possible by using a reputable cleaning company, such as Carpet Cleaning Mosman. Our carpet cleaning specialists will use eco-friendly and advanced tools to clean and properly dry your rug.

Here are a couple of tips to help you avoid crunchy carpets while cleaning your carpets on your own:

The manufacturer will provide you with the directions for using the product and dilution.
It is important to use the best vacuum you can in order to extract all of the water.
For faster drying, use a blower or air conditioner.
It is best to avoid walking on the carpet till it has completely dried.
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