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What You need to know about car detailing

The process of making over your car is called. It includes many aspects such as paint restoration, interior cleaning, engine refurbishment and wheels care. The car is restored to almost new condition, get more info!

It is done when selling your car, since no one will buy an old, shabby vehicle. Experts recommend that you detail your vehicle before selling it. This will not only give your car a new look, but increase its resale value.

Many centers offer professional detailing services to help make your vehicle look like new. You should know the details of what they will be providing before you visit these centers. This way, you can be sure that you are paying for exactly what you expect. This article will guide you through the entire process and the important points to keep in mind when you visit any detaining station.

Exterior Detailing

This process is used to give the exteriors a shiny, glossy look. To achieve the desired look, various techniques such as washing, waxing and polishing are employed. To dry the surface, special towels will be used and not your usual ones. To restore the shine and glow, certified waxes and polished are used on the surface. Special treatment is given to windows, headlamps and taillights as well as bumpers on the front and rear. This process also includes scratch removal, where professionals use modern methods to remove all types of scratches and stains on the surface of your car.

Interior Detailing

The cabin is thoroughly cleaned, including the cleaning of carpets, foot mats, and seats. Seat stains are cleaned with brushes and special tools. It is better to dry clean the cabin than use liquid cleaners.

Paint Protection

Paint is sensitive to the environment and can be easily influenced by it. Pollution and gases in the air are the main cause of dullness. Over time, the color of the car’s exterior can fade due to a variety of reasons. These include irregular washing or using a cloth that is not recommended. The car is cleaned, polished and then washed to restore its original shine.

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