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What to look out for when buying a storage lock

When you move recently or temporarily stay with a family member website, you might not have enough storage space for all your items. A storage unit can help. Storage units can be used to store your items while you make space in your home. These storage facilities rent lockers for under $50 per month. It’s a great way to invest. You should make sure that the lockers are secure. It is important to check the security levels of any facility you plan on renting. You can test if your safe is secure or not using the following methods.

Site guards

Security guards are typically on duty around the clock at storage facilities where you can rent a lock. The guards hired to protect a storage facility will be paid. There will be fewer thieves and criminals if security guards are on duty night and day.


The video cameras need to be installed throughout these secure storage units. These cameras should always be recording video. The owners can review the footage taken the night before to check for intruders.

Coded Gate

Find a facility with a gate coded. Any facility without a gate with a code is open. It can create major problems. This is a serious problem.


Good lighting is present both inside and outside a secure storage unit. A storage facility with good lighting is less appealing to intruders who fear being caught. You should also make sure that your lighting is sensitive to movement.


A good storage facility will have alarms on all lockers. The alarms notify the manager of the facility when each locker is opened. Alarms will sound when an intruder opens the locker. The alarm will recognize which specific locker has been opened. By checking the security features in the storage facility, you will save yourself much frustration. Renting a locker that is secure can reduce the chances of items being stolen. Please contact the facility for any security questions.

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