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What to Look for When Choosing a Self Storage Facility

There are many good reasons to use self storage. During the transition, you may need to switch apartments or stay with a close friend. If you’re moving into a tiny apartment, furniture may be needed for now. If your home grows, you don’t need to purchase new furniture. There could be too much stuff and no space for it to go, more hints.

Whatever the case, you should know how to pick a storage facility that will meet your specific needs. Look at the following.

How much space do you need?

The sizes for self-storage are varied. If they are packed properly, small units can hold an apartment of one bedroom. Ten feet by ten feet is the size of an average self-storage space that can accommodate a house or apartment with 2 bedrooms. These units, which are the size of a garage, can store large homes and cars.

Then, you should ask each facility about the dimensions of its units. You can then eliminate units which do not offer the amount of space that you require.

When will you need the unit?

The duration of the storage is an important factor to consider when choosing a unit. When you only plan to keep things in storage for a limited time, rates and agreements may be important. You may want to focus on the rates and contracts if you only plan to store things for a short time.

What are the features that you find most valuable?

If you want to buy a storage unit, it’s important that you know which features are essential and which you can do without. When your budget is limited, the price will be a key factor. If you are constantly on the road, you may need to find a storage unit that is open until eight in the evening. Many people will not bargain over location. The current gas price situation is a good example.

The rate is a once-off special, or a price that will be charged on recurrent basis?

Storage facilities often offer discounts on moving-in to attract new clients. They want to make you sign the documents without looking elsewhere. Be careful not to be duped. Never be tricked. Always inquire about the duration of the sale and the regular rate. Comparing regular and move in rates is important if you plan to use the apartment for longer than a few months.

5) How do I deposit money and at what cost?

Some self storage facilities require a deposit. Ask about the deposit amount and return date when you are comparing storage prices.

What is another word for leave?

Understanding the self-storage conditions is important before committing. Because most storage units are rented on a monthly schedule, you’re usually free to leave any time. You will usually have to notify the storage facility 30 days before your departure.

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