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What to do when you want to install a dash cam: Step by step guide

Dash cams are becoming an increasingly common accessory in cars. These devices record incidents, accidents and scenic drives. With the right instructions and tools, installing a dashboard cam is easy and quick. We will show you how to set up a car dashcam in this article. Read more now on https://www.unfoldedmagzine.com/the-road-guardian-dash-cam-installation-by-seven-smart-auto/

The First Step is to Choose the Location

Installing a dashcam begins with choosing the correct location. It is important that the dash camera be placed in a place where it does not interfere with your ability to see the road. A dash camera is usually placed on your windshield near your reverse view mirror.

The mounting bracket is prepared in Step 2.

You will then need to install the mounting plate. Dash cameras usually come with an adhesive or suction mount. Use a adhesive mount to attach the dash cam. Moisten the suction and apply it firmly. Use rubbing-alcohol to clean and dry the area before mounting an adhesion mount.

How to Install Dash Cam

You can then attach the dashcam to the mount once you have the bracket in place. The bracket is usually a simple slide-on. Ensure the bracket is securely connected to the dash camera.

Step 4: Connect a power cable

You will then need to attach the dash camera’s power cable. According to your vehicle and Dash Cam model the power cable might need to connect to either a Fuse Box. The manufacturer will provide instructions on how to connect the power cord.

Step 5: Hiding the cables

You will then need to hide them. You can tuck cables along the edge of the windshield, dashboard and trim. To secure cables, use cable ties or sticky clips.

Step 6: Check the Dash Cam

Check the dashcam to see if it works properly. To ensure that the dashcam is recording, turn on the vehicle and look at the LCD display or application. Check the video quality and dashcam functionality by taking a quick drive.

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