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What to do when installing your flagpole?

You can use a flagpole to display your favourite flag. The flag can be raised and lowered easily, making it ideal for special occasions or seasons that require a different kind of decoration.

It is important to install your telescopic banner poles in the appropriate season. This will help prevent any weather-related damages. In the case of telescopic flagpoles, they can be damaged by rain storms if placed early, such as in the spring and summer. This could lead to corrosion or other problems when used later (in autumn).

Installing in Winter

When you decide to set up a telescopic banner pole during winter there are definite benefits. It is much easier to dig holes when the soil is frozen as opposed to when it is wet and soft. Installing your flagpole at this time will help prevent damage to it from snow or ice accumulation if, as I do, you live where winters are harsh.

Installing in the Spring

It is ideal to install a Telescopic Flagpole in the Spring. It’s not snowing or freezing, and it is a pleasant day. The natural beauty of the spring can be enjoyed by placing your telescopic swagpole near a garden or flower bed.

In the spring is when you should place banners and flags, as there will be plenty of time for people to make use of them before summer.

Installing in Summer

It is most often summer when telescoping masts are installed. When the weather is warm and dry, it’s easier to coordinate with your contractor.

Installing in Fall

Fall is the best time for installing a telescopic banner pole. When it is cooler outside, you will have fewer neighbors to look at your work. The cooler nights will prevent your flags from being damaged by wind or rain.

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