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What Can A Residential Architect Do?

By creating an organized plan in advance of the construction stage https://www.droom.com.au/, the architect will be able to ask questions and guide the owner towards a cost-effective and efficient house plan. As an example, it is common to study spatial progressions, such as moving from the Garage through the Mudroom into the Kitchen. This method is preferable to walking straight into the Family Room from the Garage. Space relationships can be analyzed, for example, grouping public areas like the Family Room and Dining Room together, while keeping bedrooms, bathrooms and office spaces separate. The Kitchen’s connection to the Dining Room, Breakfast nook or even a Hearth Room is also a vital factor to be reviewed at this stage of planning. A well-designed plan will eliminate wasted square footage and hallways.

After the plan has been established, the architect will examine detailed drawings of the vertical dimensions and spatial dimensions. It could be that this is the first time a homeowner can visualize the interior features of the house, such as the fireplace with its surrounding bookcases, the windows and cabinetry, the detailed trim, like columns, niches for art, and the crown molding. You’ll see two-story foyers as well as rooms with vaulted roofs. These drawings are also helpful in selecting materials. For example, “Should a fireplace surround be made of drywall, stone, wood or brick?” These questions will help both the architect and client see the entire house and all its rooms.

Homeowners can visualize their homes from the outside by creating exterior elevations. What style is it? What does it look like from the road? Does it blend in or is it bold? What materials are most suitable for your house’s design? What materials are most durable or cost-effective? These are all important design questions and only detailed elevations showing the entire exterior of the home can provide answers. Residential architects produce detailed drawings that can help clients save money. The detailed drawings produced by the residential architect will help resolve more details “on paper” and reduce costly errors made on the job site. The architect usually leads the structural design and tries to coordinate the framing of the home with the other systems, such as plumbing, HVAC, electrical, etc., which affects the exterior and interior skins. Construction drawings provide contractors with more accurate information that allows them to accurately price their construction projects.

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