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What are some of the hidden benefits to choosing a plastic surgeon who is board certified?

You’re now considering doing some work. You might think about a nose job, or you may want to raise things a little. Wait! We should not rush to plastic surgery before we address something very important: board certification resources.

Imagine yourself in a fine dining restaurant. Your chef is getting ready to prepare your meal. It would make you feel much better to know that your chef is a highly-trained culinary professional. The same goes for plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgeons who are board certified are like Michelin starred chefs.

Let’s first talk about credentials. Board certification is only possible after a rigorous training program. It’s years of knowledge and expertise. You can’t rely on books alone to show your skills. This will help ensure they are knowledgeable and capable to deal with any unexpected situations which may occur during surgery.

Why should I care? Imagine it as if you were insuring your face or even your body. You wouldn’t let an unlicensed individual work on your prized car, would you? If you leave your appearance in the hands of someone who lacks certification, it can lead to less than stellar results or worse.

The next step is to discuss safety. Board-certified physicians follow strict guidelines of ethical conduct and adhere to the standards of conduct of reputable institutions, such as The American Board of Plastic Surgery. Other words, their priority is patient safety. They are trained in advanced techniques to reduce risks and complications. If something does go wrong in the unlikely event, they will be prepared to handle it quickly and effectively.

Have you heard horror stories of botched operations? Usually, these horror stories involve practitioners without board certification. You’re gambling with your appearance. You have a better chance of success if you choose a board certified surgeon.

It’s also a plus to have access to the most advanced procedures and technologies. These surgeons who are involved in retraining, education, and continuing education programs are often innovators in their field. These surgeons stay up-to-date with the latest technologies to reduce downtime and improve results.

Let’s talk briefly about recovery times. A surgeon with experience can perform procedures that will reduce the healing time. They will use techniques designed to minimize tissue damage so that you heal faster than anticipated.

Now let’s talk about money. Who doesn’t like discussing finances? You may find that choosing a less-qualified surgeon is more expensive up front. Consider the long-term. You can revise less and get better results if you are good at it. It’s also a great feeling to know that your work will be in good hands.

Do I envision personalized care? They spend the consultation time listening to what YOU want out of your surgery. Then they create personalized plans that are tailored to your specific goals and take into consideration factors like the skin type or bone structure of each patient!

Funny question: Have you ever told your family, “I tried to get Angelina Jolie-like lips, but I ended up with Daffy Duck lips”? Now, choose carefully to avoid any awkward scenarios!

Without summarizing the point, selecting a board-certified doctor is not just smart but also essential if you put both aesthetics and health at the top of your list when considering any form cosmetic enhancement.

Say that you are choosing the best option.

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