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Treatment of Addiction in Women

Columbia University recently released research showing that women use substances for different reasons than men. In this study, women were found to feel greater guilt than men about drug abuse – check this out.

Substance Abuse in Women

Women admitted to abusing substances out of social or mental reasons, according to the research. This included loneliness, depression and lack of social support. The study found that women preferred Oxycontin & Vicodin to Marijuana Heroin Ecstasy & Cocaine.

The study revealed that alcoholism is common among women. The way women are affected by drug abuse is vastly different. For example, women are more likely to display signs of drug abuse than men. Substance abuse symptoms in women are more severe than men’s.

Women Alternative Treatments

Due to cultural and social norms as well as family duties etc., it is difficult for women today to get treatment. Women often hesitate to get help when it comes to children. The majority of women fear losing their child by not seeking help.

It is generally accepted that women from drug and/or alcohol-abusing families are at a higher risk of addiction. The addiction rates are higher for women who come from families with drug or alcohol abuse.

Women’s addiction therapy is guided by a strategy that focuses on past experiences, particularly those which could have led to substance abuse. Individual and couples therapy may be included in the sessions, especially when drugs or alcohol are an important factor.

Here to Help

A detox is an excellent first step to regaining control over your own life. The toxic substances in your system that are caused by alcoholism or drug addiction can be removed through a medical detox. Detoxification can take a day or several depending on the substance. Once you have completed your program of detoxification, it’s important that you enroll in a drug and/or alcohol rehabilitation treatment. This will ensure you remain sober. Options for 12 step outpatient or inpatient programs are available.

You may benefit more from an outpatient program if, like many other mothers, you cannot leave your child. You should consider all options. Inpatient rehab programs can have long-term benefits for you, your child and yourself.

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