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Trading at the Right Forex Trading Hours is Essential for Forex Trading Success

Forex traders know that the Forex markets are open 24 hours per day and 5 days per week – visit us!

It is easy to get the idea that traders can make money at any hour of the day. In reality, it isn’t true. Forex traders can benefit from different Forex trading hours. To increase their chances of success in forex trading, traders need to be aware of this fact and select the best hours for making trades.

Why do traders prefer to trade at the most active Forex trading time?

Expert traders are more likely to choose the most volatile Forex trading hours because they understand the significance of this. Profitability is increased by trading Forex during the busiest hours. Trading in slow markets can be a bad idea. If you trade during a time when the volume of trading is low, it’s hard to find trends for placing your orders. The Forex market is a 24-hour marketplace, so traders must fully understand the importance of the hours.

What do Forex traders need know?

To choose the best hours for trading, traders who deal in currencies on the Forex should be familiar with the main Forex. Here are some important Forex trading hours that traders should be aware of.

Tokyo is open from 7:00pm to 4:00am EST

New York is open from 8:00am to 5:00pm EST

London is open from 3 am to 12 noon (EST)

Sydney is open from 5:00pm to 2:00am EST

What are the Forex trading hours and why they matter to traders?

Many traders have universally accepted rules regarding Forex trading hours. To trade at the best and most profitable Forex times, traders must first understand these rules.

The Forex market begins with New Zealand and is followed by Australia, Asia (including the Middle East), Europe, America, then the Middle East. The volume tends to increase in major financial markets like the Tokyo Market, New York Market, London Market, and Sydney Market. About two thirds of New York’s activity happens in the morning when European markets open. Forex trading during overlaps of financial markets tends to be volatile, so traders are paying extra attention.

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