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The Women’s Hunt for the ideal Gift

eBay will announce the results of their national survey by 2022. This study will highlight various types of holiday customers and how they gift. In the eBay-commissioned survey called “The Psychology of Gifting” that was conducted by Kelton Research, adult American women were asked to identify the characteristics of their holiday shopping habits. Four distinct kinds of shoppers were discovered. Each type corresponded to different gift-giving styles. Related site!

Survey of Gift Giving Types conducted by eBay

The study, which is sponsored by eBay shows that American women fall under four different categories when it is about gift-giving. Which group do you belong to?

People who feel emotionally giddy. About 4 out of 10 American women have been identified as emotional-givers. After carefully considering the gift and its intended recipient the gift will be searched for unique items. They want to demonstrate how they’ve gotten to know their recipient of their gifts, and so they usually plan their gifts typically wrap their gifts in their own hands, and present the gift usually with a handwritten note or card.

Practical Gifts. About 1 out of five American women belong to this type of giver. The best presents for these women are cold or cash (or gift certificates, or gift certificates) and gift cards. The practicality rule is paramount to their gift giving, thus they allow recipients to select the item that they think is the best. Also, the best instrument for this type of freedom is cash or a gift card.

Convenience Givers. About 16 percent of respondents were identified as such. The Convenience Givers are great shoppers. They prefer to purchase gifts from one store. The search for ideas to give as gifts is a chore that will eventually require them to (often grudgingly) finish. The majority of Convenience Gifters do not feel much excitement or pleasure in finding an ideal gift for their loved ones.

The Last Minute Gift Givers The group of women that shop at last minute to buy gifts. They appear to love having fun with the rush of last minute shopping. Nearly 13% of the american women fall into this category. This group of shoppers typically do not plan their gifts far in advance.

It’s possible to show several of the characteristics of the different types of givers. The majority of people possess one predominant characteristic, and one or two other traits.

One blog, for instance stated that he turned into an amalgamation of the Emotional Giver and Convenience Giver. Proof of that, he said, was the fact that he bought Christmas presents-all that he had carefully thought out and planned to give specific gifts-from only one online store. Before his transmogrification to the Emotional-Convenience hybrid, he claimed he was definitely of the Last-Minute breed.

Skepticism about Such Surveys

The survey by eBay appears good-designed, and it has been stated as having confidence levels of 95% and a margin of error of 3.1 percentage points. When I first heard about the survey, my first instinct was to do a self-check and find out which kind of gift-giver I am. Then, I slowly realized the need to treat surveys with a grain salt.

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