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The Ultimate Guide to Water Damage: Drenched or Dry?

It’s difficult to believe that you have a flooded, soggy home when you return learn more. No matter whether the water damage is caused by a flooding, a broken pipe or a simple leaking, it is vital to restore your home. The restoration of your home is not just about drying it out. It involves a holistic approach. If the tides change (quite literally), here is what you need to do.

1. Safety First
Before you start any recovery work, make sure your area is safe.

Disconnect the mains of electricity and gas.
Put on protective footwear like rubber boots or gloves.
Do not use home appliances until you have checked their safety.

2. Stop the Water Flow
To begin cleaning, you need to stop the source. This could include:

Disconnecting the main water valve
Sealing leaks that are visible.
You can get a plumber at your fingertips!

3. Estimate the Damage
Before you begin to clean up, take some time (and photos) for your insurance. This information will prove invaluable if you ever need to make a insurance claim.

4. How to Remove Excess Waste Water
The more dry, the better.

Use buckets, mops and towels to clean smaller areas.
It’s useful to have a Wet/Dry vacuum on hand for large puddles.
Consider renting large-scale pumps for significant flooding.

5. Dry Out & dehumidify
The drying process starts as soon as the water is removed.

Open windows or doors to get natural ventilation.
Dehumidifiers and fans can help to speed up the drying process.
Look out for any mold that loves a moist environment!

6. Salvage What you Can
It’s true that not everything can always be saved. But you’d still be surprised what a bit of TLC could do.

Recycle and clean salvageable items.
Place wet items out to dry.
Toss out anything too damaged, or that poses a danger to health.

7. Clean & Disinfect
Health is not only about beauty.

Rub surfaces with a stiff brush and disinfectant.
All areas, including corners and nooks, should be mold-free.
Consider professional carpet cleaning if you find that your carpet has a lot of moisture.
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