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The Assurance of Rectify: More than Two Decades in the Business

By using the word “underpinning”, we don’t mean just a way to strengthen the foundations. In addition, it’s about creating a foundation for reliability and trust. Rectify delivers on that promise. The 25-year warranty that Rectify offers on their underpinnings is like an assurance hug to homeowners. Find out what makes Melbourne’s Townhouses talk about this amazing warranty – click here!

1. This Quarter-Century Coverage

This is a long time. This is a long enough period of time to observe the evolution of Melbourne, watch kids change career or see Melbourne skyline. Imagine being at peace with your home foundation during that entire time. Rectify can provide you with that kind of comfort.

2. It’s Not Just Words But Action!

The claim that a product has a lifetime warranty may be one thing but the ability to deliver on it is quite another. Rectify, over the years, has earned a solid reputation for not only promising but also delivering. The warranty of Rectify is strong, and it applies to all properties.

3. Top-Notch Materials:

It is important to note that the underpinning material used in this warranty has a premium grade. These fillers aren’t just your average materials; they’ve been selected after thorough testing and tailored for Melbourne’s unique geo-physical challenges.

4. You can go beyond Basics

Rectify takes pride in its craftsmanship, but this warranty shows that the company is also committed to high-quality materials. The warranty is both a tribute to the materials used and Rectify’s masterful techniques.

5. Response Resolutions

The chances are that you will never have a problem. Rectify has a pro-active approach. A warranty is more than a paper document. It represents a promise of service. What about quick solutions and prompt interventions? Everything is included in the package.

6. Building Trust – One Home At A Time

Homeowners often consider their house a work of art, an evocative space that holds memories. Rectify offers a 25 year warranty to ensure that you can trust them with your precious spaces.

7. Allowing the Numbers to Speak

25 years. The commitment is unwavering, it’s an assurance and it reflects absolute confidence. Rectify gives you 9,125 days peace of mind.

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