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THCa Therapeutic Effects

THCa is similar in many ways to THC. THCa, however, has a slightly different interaction with the human system than THC due to the carboxyl extra group. THCa shares some of its effects with CBD, another widely-known cannabinoid. Learn more?

THCa is a promising compound for a number of medical and health uses.

Relief from nausea and appetite loss for people with cancer or eating disorder

Pain and Inflammation

Pain and spasms can be reduced, particularly in inflammatory colitis (UC), Crohn’s disease and ulcerative.

It is possible to slow down the growth of prostate cancer by.

It is important to protect memory, coordination, and brain health.

Relaxation as possible sleep aids and insomnia

Reducing spasms and seizures in epilepsy, multiple sclerosis

What Is THCa Flower?

THCa flowers are smokable, high-THCa hemp plants with THC below 0.3% and THCa up to 25.

On paper, THCa flowers look like hemp. But in reality, they function exactly as federally illegal marijuana. It’s possible because when users smoke and light the plants, the THCa is converted to THC.

To experience the mind altering effects of THCa, consumers should look for brands who publish quality, safety and compliance testing. THCa flower is available in the following brands.

1. Flower strains from VIIA Hemp Company THCa

VIIA sells to distributors and retailers a range of flower strains with Delta-9 compliant THC and THCa levels ranging from 23 to 25%. Third-party testing is done on the brand, which boasts premium quality flowers and aromatic terpenes.

2. BudPop THCa Flower

BudPop has a variety of THCa flower varieties, with THC levels below 0.3% and 19 to 25 THCa. According to the brand, it uses premium USA-grown hemp. All flower is lab-tested for compliance.

Other THCa Product Types

Those consumers who don’t want to get high but still enjoy the benefits of THCa can add ground cannabis or hemp flower to smoothies, or sprinkle it on a chilled salad. Raw THCa may also be extracted, and infused with oils, green drinks, or smoothies.


During cooking, THCa in edibles is transformed into THC. There are exceptions such as some cold-pressed beverages, including raw cannabis juice.

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