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Where to find ATMs abroad: a Traveler’s guide

When traveling to another country, it is important to know where ATMs are located. It’s important to know where to find ATMs when traveling abroad, for currency exchanges, to pay local bills, or to have cash on hand while you explore. We’ll give you a complete guide for Local ATM services in foreign countries.

1. Websites and apps for banking

If you are planning to travel, see if the app or website of your bank offers a locator for international ATMs. It can be used to locate ATMs within your bank’s network and reduce charges. Some banks are part of global partnerships, which allows you to use ATMs for minimal fees in specific countries.

2. Local banking apps and websites

Apps or websites of local banks will often include ATM locators in countries you visit. They are useful for finding ATMs in the local banking system, and can save you money on international withdrawal fees.

3. Google Maps & Other Mapping Apps

Google Maps can be incredibly useful when you’re on the road. You can find ATMs nearby by typing “ATM”. Google Maps provides additional information, like the location of the ATM and its affiliated bank.

4. Local Advice and Recommended Activities

Finding the closest and most trusted ATM locations can be found by consulting locals. They may have some insight into the most cost-effective ways to obtain cash.

5. Tourist Areas and Airports

All airports and major tourist attractions are equipped with ATMs. Travelers can easily access their cash at the time of arrival. In these areas, however, you should be aware of the high exchange rates and fees.

6. Currency Exchange Offices

These offices do not have ATMs but they can help you convert your money into local currency. These offices tend to be located at airports or in tourist destinations. You may get a better exchange rate by withdrawing money from an ATM.