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The Experience of a Math Homework Outsourcer

What if I paid someone else to attend my classes? As I studied my math text, the thought kept coming into my head. Arithmetic seemed like a mysterious language full of arcane concepts and complex formulas. It was the ‘Math Homework Outsourcer’ experience that I had which made me appreciate math even more. Go here?

Can you remember being trapped in a labyrinth? It was the same feeling I had when doing my math homework. It seemed that every problem was hopeless. Desperate, I sent my work to a third party. It was a mistake, but deadlines were making me confused and anxious. The solution was intended to be temporary, but ended up becoming more complex.

I was open-minded when I first received professional responsibilities. As opposed to answers, I got a blueprint. With explanations, I was able to follow the step-by-step solution. This worked in a similar way to a translation tool. It gradually translated the hieroglyphics for algebra and calculus into sentences.

What has changed in my perspective? In the beginning, I avoided math before bed. When I decided to outsource my homework, it was as if the lights were turned on. This thing started to look less terrifying. The pile of clothes looked unsettling at night. This taught me a lot about the why behind what I was doing. Why is quadratic Formula effective? Why is algebra based on letters? By learning how to do math, instead of just concentrating on the numbers I was able to learn more about solving problems.

This holiday included math lessons as well as how-to-learn. Outsourcing projects taught us something. I adopted the techniques of professionals. When I asked why these experts were using their techniques, they explained that they wanted to know the answer. This was like learning to fish rather than receiving fish. It was a great experience.

Like every journey there were difficulties. To avoid over-dependence on assistance, it was important to keep a healthy balance. With support, it is easy to lose confidence in yourself. The goal was education and not homework. I constantly had to remind myself of this. The balance required was the same as learning to ride a bicycle without training wheel.