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Roof Repair – How to Repair Flat Roofs

Sloped and flat roofs differ in many ways. Sloped roofs can allow water to run off and drain. On flat roofs, this isn’t the case. Water cannot leak into your home through a flat roof if it is completely sealed. Flat roofs also need to be repaired, just like sloped ones. As long as you have the right knowledge, you can easily repair your flat roof. How do you do it? Here’s read full article.

You should prepare all the materials you need before you begin the repair. Prepare roofing nails, putty knives, utility knives, brooms, and roof cement. This is all you will need to repair a flat roof.

Go to the roof, and find out what is wrong. Remove the debris and dust on your roof with a broom if there are any peeled or cracked areas. You need to clean the whole area because Roofing Cement cannot adhere on dirty surfaces. You can now cut out a rectangle and apply it to the place where you discovered the peel or fracture. For uniformity, use the same shapes if you have multiple peels and fractures. Cut the shape and use it to pattern the replacement shingles. It is important that the size and form of your new shingle are accurate. You can create several replacement shingles in case you make a mistake with the size. Another replacement shingle should be made. The new shingle must be larger by at least two inches.

Place the putty knives in the areas of the edges. Then, place roofing cement underneath the edges. The shingle should now be nailed into place. Cement it. You mustn’t cement the other shingles if you plan to use several shingles in order to even out the surface. Simply nail it in place. Put roofing cement along the edges of the larger replacement shingle and tack it down.

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