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Rhinoplasty Considerations- Am I a candidate?

Do you need a rhinoplasty procedure? See if a functional and aesthetic improvement to your nose is possible.

Rhinoplasty or “nose jobs” is also known to many as cosmetic surgery that improves or restores nose function or appearance. Although some choose this kind of surgery to help them breathe better or recover after trauma or a burn, others do it for aesthetic reasons. Over time self-esteem or confidence issues can be resolved in the operating room in only a couple of hours additional info.

It is possible to perform this surgery in either an open or a closed fashion.

Rhinoplasty can be classified into primary or secondary procedures, depending on whether it’s the first surgery performed on the nose, and the purpose for the procedure. Reconstructive rhinoplasty (primary reconstructive) is most commonly chosen by women and men to improve their overall appearance. Any post-operative correction is considered a secondary procedure.

You should discuss with the doctor your fears and expectations and make sure you’re prepared to face the challenges of pre and post-operative care.

You should expect to wear a metal nose splint for at least a week after a rhinoplasty. There may also be some temporary symptoms such as nasal whistling, or a loss of taste or smell.

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