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Residential Roofing Services

A roofing services company will provide services when you need a new roof applied to an existing house or to a home that is brand new. Depending on the type you choose for your roof, which roofing company will you use to install it depends on who you hire. Come and visit our website search it on As Built Roofing you can learn more.

Most roofing contractors can install asphalt shake roofs and shingle roofs. A roofer with experience installing large green roofs on homes will be able to help you.

A green roof could be classified as either intensive or extensive. This refers to a roof that needs lots of maintenance and watering.

The majority of single-family homes do not have a green roofing system. But if your area supports such a roof, you should consider it. An extensive green roofing is generally the type or eco roof that is applied to a remodel or renovation of a house.

An extensive green roofing is a roof that includes several components. First, it must be strong enough in structural terms to support this kind of roof. It will need to be weatherproofed, with a drainage matrix, and then covered with a water retention cushion. Next is the medium for growing the vegetation. This medium can be pre-sown in order to encourage growth when the plants are watered.

The plants are generally shallow-rooted and can withstand drought. It will need to be weeded only once per year, but is intended to be very low-maintenance. This roof is great to prevent water runoff. It will always look green when it is wet.

This type roof is not suitable for every roofing company. It’s becoming more popular for residential roofs. This type is still required to be covered with standard roofing structures, such as trusses and offits. Certain roofing materials might require specialty roofing companies.

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