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Mini Storage auction – Do’s and Don’ts

It is common for people to sell complete storage contents via an auction site. This is where you buy everything, split it up and make more a profit.

When someone fails to pay their mini storage account for several months, they will have to sell it off. To inform the contents owner that their mini storage unit is being sold, they will need to pay the bill. This depends on what the contents are and how much they have to pay. It will also determine whether the auction occurs.

If you want to succeed in mini storage auctions, it is important that you contact the venue before the auction commences. You should ensure that the auction continues. Make sure you know how the payment is processed. Additionally, find out if access to the unit can be made prior to the auction. Also check for any participation fees.

Mini storage units should not be stored in a hurry. Additional to complying with the auction terms you must move your unit’s contents in 24 hours or 48. Preparing for these things is important. You will need a truck/van to calculate how much it will cost you to bring the vehicle back.

Do not try to purchase your unit at auction. Mini storage managers may allow you to make payment. In a few hours, they’ll cancel your auction. Discuss this with your manager and see if it’s possible to arrange.

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