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Mental Health Benefits of Furniture Resistant to Ligatures

The facilities that provide behavioral care are constantly working to ensure a comfortable and safe environment extra resources. This environment may pose a challenge. Based on supervision and risks, each room should have furnishings with minimal ligature or zero points. This furniture is ligature-resistant and offers many benefits for creating a healing, comfortable environment. The article below will give you additional information about ligature-resistant furniture.

What Does “Ligature Resistant Furniture Mean?”

Furniture that is ligature resistance has sharp corners and is intended to prevent patients from injuring themselves. There are many features of furniture that will help to prevent ligatures, including round, smooth edges; locking or weighing the piece down; and tamper resistance hardware.

Features Resisting Lissature

You should consider two important things when you are shopping for ligatureproof furniture. Two important factors are the material and the style. The material should be durable, virtually indestructible, and safe for safety. Rotationally moulded polyethylene, as an example, is both a quality and strong material. Cortech USA’s furniture for behavioral healthcare is made from high-impact Polyethylene. The strength and durability are increased. Our products are designed without any sharp edges, seams or other features that may harm employees or patients. There are many other features, including comfortable designs and the capability to add weight or bolt to the floor.

Supporting Patients & Employees

Safety is the first advantage that furniture resistant to ligatures brings to mental healthcare facilities. With well-designed designs and high-quality material, patients and employees are more likely than ever before to avoid physical injuries. You can create an environment that is safe and comfortable for patients, encouraging positive behavior.

Prison Furniture Tips

Choosing furniture that is both safe, and efficient, requires patience. Comfort and accessibility are just as important as durability and the safety of furniture. Here are tips to help you select the right furniture in prisons.

1. A Safe and Tamperproof device

The furniture used in prisons needs to be durable, secure and not tampered with. This is for the protection of both prisoners and their staff. Cortech USA has designed and manufactured prison furniture with the safety of occupants foremost in mind. Furniture designs are available on this web site that are made using “nonbreak materials” including polyethylene high-impact. They also feature tamperproof parts. These designs are resistant, durable, tamperproof and can be used to make deadly weapons. Even with frequent use, furniture of this kind will last a lifetime.

2. Cleaning Materials Which Are Easy To Remove

The best prison furniture should also be made of materials that are easily cleaned. You should stay away from materials such as fabrics or metals that require lots of maintenance. CORx Antimicrobial Compound can be infused in most of your products for corrections, like chairs and tables. This will reduce the number of bacteria which can grow on your surfaces between regular cleanings. If you want to disinfect surfaces and keep them clean between cleanings then all you need is a cloth, towel or cleaning product.

3. Designs that resist the ligature

In corrections, furniture that has a strong resistance to ligatures can be crucial for both staff safety and the inmates. The design must have a smooth round corner and a downward angle. Rotating molding can be used to produce furniture that has the right features. Using this technology, we can also eliminate any hidden seams.

You can use the following tips to select furniture for corrections. Other things might need to be considered, but because each institution may have their own unique needs. Cortech USA has a team of experts available to assist you. You can call or visit them on their website.

How to minimize the risks of ligatures within correctional facilities

Prisons work to maintain safe, comfortable environments that encourage positive behavior. It is more difficult to design and ensure safety when occupants experience a variety mental conditions. To ensure the safety of individuals in the correctional environments, it’s essential to design spaces with a lower risk of ligatures.

Assess Physical Environment

In the home, there are a number of objects and fixtures that could pose a risk for ligature. Particularly important, however, are areas that may be less frequently monitored. For example, bedrooms which are either shared or personal. You can evaluate such features as mattresses or towels. Additional items include light switches, locks and light fixtures. Remove any materials that may be strangled, hung or snared.

Install furniture resistant ligature

Furniture that can break into small pieces is more hazardous than furniture made from polyethylene. Cortech USA plastic tables, desks and chairs are manufactured from a single piece that is very durable. The edges have also been rounded off and smoothed out so they will not crack. You can bolt furniture to the floor or walls using tamper-resistant fasteners.

It is essential to inspect your house regularly

To prevent ligature accidents in correctional settings, it is important to inspect every room on a regular schedule. Regular inspections help avoid dangerous situations. This will ensure both the staff and the occupants of the building are safe.

Why safety is vital in behavioral healthcare furniture

Furniture designed for behavioral health must incorporate safety features that are able to handle the challenges of such environments. The use of non-breakable single materials is essential. They should be free from seams or joining. Learn why the safety of behavioral healthcare furniture is essential.

Create An Environment For Healing

In facilities that provide behavioral health services, it’s important to create an environment that encourages healing. To create an environment that promotes healing, behavioral healthcare centers are looking for furniture and décor which is beautiful but still safe enough to use. Cortech USA carries a wide selection of flame-retardant, “no crack”, polyethylene chair styles in various colors. We produce our furniture in single-pieces with rounded, smooth edges to eliminate safety and ligature worries. Our chairs offer both comfort and safety, making them an ideal choice for staff and patients alike.

Cleaning and Sanitation is a Must!

In a mental healthcare facility, designing a space which is sanitary and comfortable for patients can be challenging. Cortech USA’s Rotationally Manufactured Furniture features no seams or joints to increase comfort. These features help prevent liquids such as bodily fluids or substances from absorbing into the furniture.

Protect Patients, Staff and Employees

Safety in furniture for behavioral health is important to protect both patients and employees. Cortech USA designs furniture with safety features so that patients can’t hurt themselves or others. Cortech USA makes furniture that can be used by anyone.

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