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Management Family Time and Meal

Time to me is money. I want to get the best value for my money. Our time was crucial when we both taught, and we had two children in pre-school. I would have loved the opportunity to spend all my time making delicious meals, reading stories, or playing with our children. However, article source.

It was simple: plan weekly menus, remember to take the meat out from the freezer before going to school each morning, and have everyone help with the meal preparation. My husband couldn’t help as much due to school-related sports and projects.

Meal prepping was a great way to teach my kids many things. I learned all about what happened at daycare and what was on my mind as they stirred.

It was easy to eat at the table that was away from the television. A CBS News survey from January 12, 2010, revealed that 33% families use their cell phones to text, email, and watch TV when eating. With younger children, this is slightly easier to manage. In such situations, a family policy would be appropriate.

Sometimes, it was necessary to alter the time of meals to make room for Dad’s coaching and refereeing. If Dad had to leave town, it was time for a kid’s recipe. This is when we ate lots and lots of mac & cheese and goulash! Kurt could be Dad and sit at a table. I believe it is important to follow a schedule as often as possible.

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