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Installation of a water softener at Home: The good and bad sides

As the name suggests, a water softener can make hard water more palatable. The concentration of minerals in hard water is high, read more. Calcium, manganese or magnesium carbonate are examples. The softener system will analyze your water source and determine which minerals are needed to improve the water.

It can be hard on plumbing fixtures and appliances, as well as your kitchen, bathroom and laundry. Hard water can leave stains in your newly washed clothes, towels, and bedding. It also gives your water an unusual smell or taste. Hard water is present if you see stains that are reddish brown in the sinks in your kitchen and bathroom, and also in your shower. If you see deposits on taps or notice stains, then your home is supplied with hard water.

Some water softeners work differently. Some water softeners remove minerals directly from the water. Some replace the so-called ionic toughness by salt ions. Reverse Osmosis and water distillation systems can be purchased to remove the hardness from the water. Only downside is the cost of the RO system. These water softeners are out of reach for those with a strict budget.

Before you buy a water conditioner, be aware that it only softens the water’s hardness. A softener can be a cost-effective solution if hardness is your only issue with water. It has limitations. You may require more than just a softening system if your water is complex and has many issues.

The cleverly designed water softener will remove the mineral deposits that can cause stains on clothing or clog your pipes. These units tend to be magnetic. This means that the magnets eliminate dissolved metals in water. After these metals are removed, the water is now easier to use and more suitable for everyday needs.

The more expensive units replace calcium and other minerals by salt ions. This leaves water that is less hard and softer. These salts can then freely travel through the water without causing any damage.

As previously stated, water softening systems only soften the water. You will have to use other methods if you need your water disinfected. If organic substances are responsible for an unpleasant smell or taste in the water, then you will need to take other measures. A softening unit can become damaged by small amounts of oil in the water.

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