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How to Buy a Combi Oven In 5 Easy Steps

Combination Ovens, or Combi Ovens, are often the largest investments that commercial chefs will make. It is crucial to choose the right combination oven read here. Be sure to consider these 6 things before you make a decision.

These include a unit which is “self cleaning” and an appliance that has been fully programmed with pre-set settings. Experienced providers of combi-ovens can discuss with you these features, as well as others.

Combi-ovens are available with either gas or electric power. Electric models are usually 3 phase. They all produce steam and you’ll require at least one 15mm cold-water supply. Don’t overlook the drain. The drain is important.

Accessorize your combi to get the most out of it. For regen cooking, there are also plate racks and trolleys as well stacking kits.

* Ventilation. Combis must all be covered by an extract canopy. Hans Dampfs HoodIn ovens are one option if this is not possible. MKN sells a number of units which come with an extractor hood. The oven is able to be installed anywhere in the kitchen.

* Access: Although it may appear to be a simple task, the majority of combo ovens weigh a lot and are quite large. The oven should fit into your home. You can’t laugh at your new shiny oven (and its price) getting stuck halfway up a two-story staircase.

Reliability is the last point of our six-point guide. MKN Hans Dampf is installed on marine platforms. It’s simply not acceptable to have to tell 600 oilworkers that their meal cannot be served as a result of a nonworking oven. All Rational ranges come with a two-year warranty. As they are sure that it won’t malfunction, they take this step. Both of these brands offer great value, as well as peace-of-mind.

You don’t need to be an authority on everything. Your job is to make sure your product meets the highest quality standards. Your supplier has the responsibility to equip you with tools that will help you achieve this. Caterdeal is offering free site surveys to caterers and full consulting service. Contact them today to make the most of your new combination oven.

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