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How to Avoid these 3 Common Pool Owners Mistakes

Warm weather and relaxing in a swimming pool make a great pair. A pool, whether above or beneath ground, can be an excellent addition to a home during the hot months of summer. Pool owners must learn the proper maintenance to take care of their pool. How do identify problems early on? What are some common issues you can prevent? Find out Designer Custom Pools, how to determine the source of problems and deal with them effectively.

1. Wrong or Unbalanced chemicals

In order to keep the pool system safe and clean, you must maintain an alkaline pH balance. Alkaline and pH are closely related. Keeping your pH between 7.4 to 7.6 (on the test kit’s scale) and your alkaline levels above 100 ppm will help you maintain a balanced water base and acidity.

Insufficient or excessive calcium can also contribute to poor water quality, so it is important to maintain this range between 200 to 400ppm. In the meantime, minerals in your water should not exceed 3000 ppm. That way, the concentration of dissolved particles won’t interfere with the chemical action in the water. Keeping the balance right will help you to maximize your return on investment.

Maintaining a good level of chlorine in the water is very important to maintain the sanitation. Stabilizers keep chlorine in water longer. This also helps to prevent it dissipating from outdoor UV rays.

2. Lack of proper cleaning or filtering

Even though it almost goes without saying, an effective filtration system is able to stop many problems from arising in a pool. The water in a pool can stagnate quickly if it is not properly filtered. This will allow insects and yellow-green algae to grow. This is an extremely unpleasant and unsanitary situation. The best way to avoid these issues is to regularly clean your filtration and pump system.

The yellow algae is also called mustard algae. It can be a sign of chemical imbalances or improper pool filtration.

Your backyard can become a swamp if your pumps or filtration systems do not work properly. Nobody wants a backyard swamp, do you?

3. Improper safety measures

Despite their fun nature, swimming pools can still pose dangers if owners or users are negligent. Keep in mind the following safety measures:

If you have a fence around your yard, it can keep the pool cleaner for longer when no one is in it.

Do not allow anyone to enter or enter the pool when it is being used by the utility pump.

You should not use extension cords for electronic equipment or near the pool.

Keep chemicals hidden and out of the reach of children.

Never leave your children unattended around or in the swimming pool. An adult should always be present.

As the owner, you should be able to perform the proper CPR techniques both on children as well as adults.

The safety of your pool depends on planning for both the worst-case scenario and the best-case scenario.

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