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Get The Twinkle In Your Eyes With Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgeries, also known as blepharoplasty or droopy eyelids, are performed to eliminate wrinkles. Also referred to as blepharoplasty,Eyelid Surgery – Bringing the Twinkle in your Eye Back Articles surgical correction of defects around the eyelids can make your eyes seem wider and more alert, adding a vibrancy that subtly enhances your personality – extra resources.

The Eyelid Surgery to Improve Your Eyelids

This procedure removes excess fat and skin from around the eye. With age, sagging and loose eyelid skin can develop droopy folds. Ptosis is a term used to describe blepharoptosis, which occurs when the fat on the upper lids and the folded skin cover the outer tarsal edge of the eye. This blocks the vision. The ptosis could be a result of congenital disorders where muscles near the eyes are not fully developed. However, most often, this problem occurs due to age or an injury.

The pressure on the neck can be increased when the head position is wrong. In severe ptosis, the eyelashes may curl inwards. These can cause corneal damage or irritation. Surgery is often the only option to keep the eyelids functional and the vision unobstructed. This procedure may also be done for cosmetic reasons to correct sagging or drooping eyelids.

Blepharoplasty: What it is and what does it involve

Eyelid surgery usually is performed as an outpatient and rarely involves hospitalization. Both the upper lids and on the eye are anesthetized to reduce sensation. If you are conscious, ask your surgeon for an additional anxiety medicine.

The folds around the eyes are incised after the surgical area has been prepped. It is important to find the skin that makes the eyelids rise in order to remove the extra. It is necessary to shorten the muscle called ‘levatorpalpebraesuperioris’ in order to fix the droop. Multiple folds can hide the eyelids. There may also be additional incisions required. You may have to remove fat or extra bags. Use dissolveable sutures on the area of an incision to avoid problems with absorption. Sutures tighten the muscles as they hold the skin.

The eyelid procedure is performed right after surgery because it’s a relatively minor operation and shouldn’t cause complications. Antibiotics are applied to the skin and patients can wear a protective bandage. The swelling that occurs around the eyes can be reduced by taking pain medications.

If performed by a plastic surgeon who is qualified, blepharoplasty can reduce drooping eyelids and improve peripheral vision. The cosmetic operation of the eyelids can produce a similar result to that of a facelift. It will give you an alert, youthful look.

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