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Find Your Perfect Facial Plastic Surgeon in Michigan A Guide

You’re interested in getting some work done. Selecting the right surgeon to work on your facial area can be challenging more bonuses. But don’t sweat it; I’ve got your back.

We’ll start with credentials. You wouldn’t want someone to do your hair for you, would it? It’s the same with your facial appearance. Be sure to check that your surgeon holds a certificate. It is best to start with the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeries. These certifications demonstrate that doctors are highly qualified and have years of training.

The number and duration of experience is not all that matters. How many procedures have they performed? Ask directly: “How many facials have you performed?” Numbers don’t lie. The more that you do, better.

Review and testimonials are next. You can think of it as Yelp with a facelift. View before-and-after images, read patient testimonials or reach out to past patients. RealSelf offers a wealth in honest feedback.

Consultations can also be crucial. It is here where you become a detective. You may have lots of questions. What are the hazards? What is the recovery phase? “Can you give me before-andafter photos?” Listen to their response. Do they seem confident and not at all cocky, but still? Listening more often than talking to you is a good sign. A red flag is feeling rushed or dismissed.

But don’t forget technology. Today, technology can make a difference in the outcome of a project. What equipment does the clinic use? What about laser treatments? 3D imaging? The use and application of advanced tools often leads to better outcomes.

Does money really matter? It’s tempting, but you don’t get what you pay. Even though you will pay more for a high-quality doctor, it is worth the investment. Many places offer payment plan options.

It is important to consider both the staff members and the facility. Are the nurses polite? Is your facility welcoming, well-maintained and clean? Gut instincts can often reveal more than a review.

We’ll talk about places for a bit. Michigan is home a large number of top notch ophthalmologists, located in many cities including Detroit Ann Arbor Grand Rapids. Following surgery you’ll require follow-up visits, so being close to your doctor is essential.

Oh! Do not overlook the second opinion. It’s okay for you to search around and find someone who is both professional and personal compatible.

Trust your gut. Don’t continue if it feels wrong. Choose from Michigan’s skilled workers, or fish.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to locate a facial plastic surgeon, but you will have to do some work (or is it better called facework?) This is a huge decision. So do your homework.

Do not hesitate. Just dive in. You will feel confident, armed with all of the knowledge and skills you need. The perfect match for you will be there to help you present your best self.

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