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Fake Moldavites – How many are being made?

I was curious to know how many fake moldavites had been sold, at what price, and if there were any buyers being scammed.

eBay was very popular and I found it easy to access analytical tools. I only chose sellers that were selling very obvious knockoffs to be certain. Related site!

eBay allows you to use many different analytical tools. terapeak, which is probably the most famous, is the most used. It stores data about all sales and sellers. Terapeak is not anonymous, however. It is difficult to identify a seller and see which items are available for sale.

My analysis tool of choice was MyStoreAnalyst. This analytical tool allows users the ability to see specific information about a seller as well as details about unsold items (with the option for filtering). It is now possible to check the eBay seller’s turnover, as well as the amount of items they have sold.

eBay offers some really great items, which I admit is sarcastic. My amusement level reached an all-time high when I found that moldavites came in multiple colors. You can purchase a blue moldavite or a red moldavite. There are also some yellow and turquoise versions. What colours are real moldavites found in

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