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Essential Office Chair Modifications to Prevent Back pain

Sitting at our desks for long periods of time can harm our backs read here. A singapore office chair must be supportive of our bodies to avoid pain. The way we adjust our office chairs will determine whether or not we have a productive day.

Start with the seat height. You need to adjust your chair so that you can sit with your feet flat on the ground and knees bent straight. The design of this chair distributes weight evenly, reducing lower back strain. The same as adjusting the car seat, riding too high and too low is uncomfortable. Our legs cramp.

Backrest follows. For our lower spine to maintain its natural shape, we need a supportive backrest. A comfortable and sturdy support should be provided over the pelvis. This is important because slouching can cause back problems. Think of it as the support for a bridge. Without it the structure will sag. It is easier to reduce back pain and strain by adjusting our backrests so they conform to the curve of our spine.

The seat depth is an important factor. Sit backwards with a tiny gap between our knees and the edge of the seat. The space encourages circulation and relieves pressure in the back thigh. Too much tightness, like tight shoes can be uncomfortable and restrict movement. By adjusting seat depth you encourage optimum circulation, and promote a healthy position.

Armrests often go unnoticed, yet they are very useful when properly set. The arms should rest comfortably with our elbows in the right position and shoulders relaxed. This position relieves stress on the neck and shoulders. A heavy bag is difficult to hold for long. Armrests designed to fit our shoulders, arms and hands reduce tiredness and discomfort.

Don’t forget about the chair tilt. Adjusting the tilt angle of our chair with an adjustable tilt will help us distribute our weight. A modest recline improves comfort and relieves spinal pressure. As if we were relaxing in a chair like a lounge, a slight change can help us relax. Finding the balance between being upright and being reclined will help you to be comfortable and focus.

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