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Edinburgh House Removals – Get Moving!

Moving day is approaching. What should you expect on the day of moving? The move should be smooth, because you and the moving company have worked together to plan all of the necessary details. Accidents and mishaps will happen. Most of these mishaps can be avoided if you choose a professional moving company go to my blog.

The movers will place a label on each box or piece of furniture that you will be moving. The number will be printed on the duplicate copy of your bill-of lading. Someone will check the inventory of each item when they unload at the end. You may be asked to coordinate with their moving company.

On the moving day, the company must be able easily to access your home. You must make sure that they do not block any streets, driveways or neighbors. Notifying your neighbors of the moving date will allow them to give clearance for the vans to be as close together as possible. Make sure you leave the movers enough room around your house, garage, driveway and yard so that they don’t waste time. If the movers are forced to maneuver through too many items, it will make them take longer to move.

Ensure that there is sufficient space in your house for the removals to be able set up ramps, dollies or pads. If items are packed tightly, they will need to be moved.

Be sure that all the equipment is prepared to move. Drain the washing machine hoses. Next, empty your fridge and freezer. If there’s an icemaker, turn it off. Stabilize any missing parts to prevent them from falling and becoming misplaced. You will have to spend money on replacements. Preparations made before movers’ arrival will be beneficial to all parties. This does not require you to drag boxes around, but as much as possible should be prepared before the movers arrive.

They want to pack the van efficiently. It is even more important if you are moving multiple households on one trip. The loading process will begin. Then they will walk through the room to ensure that all items are present. Planning ahead is key to a smooth move.

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