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Drug Rehabs That Offer Holistic Treatment

It is important to note that the problem of substance abuse or dependence does not exist in isolation. They are often caused by long-standing emotional and mental issues. Patients admitted to drug rehab facilities should be assigned a multidisciplinary team that includes experts with experience in dual disorders, multiple issues and continued similar problems.

The drug rehab facilities of today offer more than just individual or group counseling. They also encourage different therapeutic exercises. Such activities include art therapy, teambuilding, nutrition, yoga, meditation and group therapy. Through such activities, the patients are able to discover more about themselves. The patients can build up their self-esteem, and also form bonds with those in the group.

There is a growing trend toward co-ed environments for rehab and therapeutic settings. Both women and men can feel uncomfortable when discussing sensitive issues with someone of their opposite gender. Therapy cannot take place in an uneasy environment.

The healing process can be enhanced when a patient has access to new and beneficial activities in a welcoming and open environment. Not just addiction, but the entire person is treated.

In such a program, a staff member would recognize that patients’ journeys are unique. He or she would work tirelessly to help them progress and challenge them to defeat their addiction.

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