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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

Carpets are a professional addition to any office or workplace, but they can look dated if you make costly errors. A common error is to not vacuum enough. Vacuuming the carpet is essential to its health because nearly 90% of it is soiling. Dry soil can easily be removed using a vacuum. It will take more time and effort to vacuum your carpets, as dry soil becomes sticky mud if it is not removed.

Victor Nugent, Owner, our site Carpet Cleaning, Inc., Orem, Provo Utah, states: “Remember, when you use water, it will transform dry soil into dirt, which can be more difficult for you to remove. Additionally, a wet rug can draw in more dirt. This step should not be skipped by those who are responsible for cleaning the building.

Nevertheless, vacuuming in general is not very effective.

Remember that improper vacuuming can cause the fibers of commercial carpets to be scuffed. When the fibers have been abraded it is not possible to fix and restore its appearance.

It’s not only dry soil that is a problem. There will be many more errors during intensive cleaning. Using excessive amounts of water and detergent and failing to rinse enough are two more mistakes.

Sludge will be attracted to the area if soap residue is not removed. You could end up paying a lot of money for this. As you can see in the disclaimer on the carpet, improper cleaning may void its warranty.

Using too much force to extract water is another mistake. When you use too much power, it can affect the adhesives found in the carpeting’s foundation. When the water in the carpet is not completely drained, it can cause mildew and mold to grow around the perimeter. Slippery carpets may also cause accidents.

The low moisture or encapsulation method is the solution. Also, as with anything else, this method should be handled with care.

Please note that we will discuss different mistakes depending on the purpose of the cleaning, such as maintenance, deep or surface carpet cleansing. As the chemical can be built up and affect carpet appearance, low moisture or encapsulation cleansing has disadvantages as well. Chemicals are sprayed in the carpet to encapsulate the soil. This method, which uses less water than others such as carpet steam cleaning with hot water extractors, is a great alternative.

But if you are pressed for time, it is best to avoid this method as it will take almost 24 hours until the chemicals have completely dried out and the encapsulation has been completed. After that, vacuuming can remove the beads-like crystals.

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