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Catering Services: Choose The Right One

It is essential to select a good catering service for any celebration. So how can one select the ideal caterer for a special event, recommended site? For your final choice, you should conduct thorough research, ask for references and request samples.

List all your catering needs. A caterer will be able to estimate your event accurately if you communicate clearly what your requirements are. You may have reserved the venue and kitchen for your event/party. How many people are attending your event. Determine if there is a minimum amount of people that the prospective caterer requires. Don’t forget to inform the caterer of any special dietary requests. Great caterers are prepared for surprises, but how much will they cost you? Ask.

How much is your budget to cater?

You should discuss with the caterer your budget, and which options you have. Are you more interested in serving your guests with a gold-service dinner, or preferring a buffet service? Are you clear with your planned menu? Is the theme of the event reflected in its cuisine? It is possible that the caterer will be flexible to your specific needs, depending on how much money you have available. You should keep in mind that food types are often responsible for determining the cost of the entire catering project. The caterer may be willing to offer a service contract, which will outline the payments terms.

Where is the caterer located?

What is the catering company’s approach to food? Does the food come from a local source? What about organic products? Do you plan to freeze any prepared meals until your event or celebration? What can you get in a bottle? Then it happens. (Gasp).

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Can the potential caterer furnish linens, decorations, tables and chairs? A brochure of catering services will usually include past events, table decorations and examples. The caterer must know exactly what is required for your event. A menu board that lists the ingredients for each of the dishes is provided to guests.


Will catering provide a staff of waiters? What’s the required dress code of your catering company? What is your ratio between servers and guests? According to a general rule, there should be one server per every 10 guests. Always ask your prospective caterer to include taxes and service charges in the bid.

What will happen to leftovers? Many catering services offer to create a complimentary food basket upon the request of the hostess.

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