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Carpet cleaning is a funny business in Sydney

There is no real difference in terms of the industry that you are in. At your office or work place, there are a lot of funny stories. Also, you may be part of some funny workplace stories, visit us!

Many of us have experienced such incidents while we were working. Enjoy these funny stories to see how rewarding carpet cleaning work can be.

The Story – Oh My God! It’s the wrong place, at the right time

Many people have had to deal with situations that were a mess for some time due to misinformation. You may have been embarrassed by such situations but laughed about them later.

The client we have is an apartment manager who has entrusted us with cleaning his Sydney apartments. Some of the apartments we clean are empty, while others have tenants from all walks of life.

We sent our carpet cleaning expert to his apartment and he completed the work. Arriving on schedule, he went into the empty Apartment #6 (we were told by the manager that the apartment is unoccupied). A lady was standing in the apartment, wearing some very skimpy outfits (no need to reveal details!). As a man, our carpet cleaner left the flat after exchanging many “Sorry” and apologies.

The wrong apartment was actually told to us by the property manager. Our apartment number was #6 instead of 7. Our carpet cleaner finished his work, but returned to our offices feeling very embarrassed. It was funny to hear the story.

Story No. 2 – Red To Green

When we received an inquiry from a company in the IT industry, they wanted us to clean their carpets. We quickly sent our carpet-cleaning professional for the job. He was on time as always and began to clean. Due to a national holiday, the office was not occupied and our cleaner completed his work efficiently.

He bought the carpets six months prior (in red colour). He was shocked to see that the green color had appeared on the red carpet. He looked horrified because it seemed like he’d damaged the carpet color.

He wasted time trying extra cleaning agents to try and restore the colour. Then he decided to stop working for some time and think of a solution. Eventually, however, he noted that his carpet’s red colour had returned.

His relief was palpable as he cleaned the carpet in the right way. The client loved the outcome. Despite the fact that we are still laughing about the entire situation and how difficult it was for our cleaner to complete the job, the carpet looks much better than before.

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