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Benefits of Replacing Hood Shocks on Your Truck

The easiest way to test the vehicle is to walk around its corner and face the wheel extra resources. This test should be done from the front, as the trunk is typically lower than that of the hood. You will need to reduce your elevation to be able to do this test accurately and efficiently. Now, you will need to place your hands flat on the vehicle’s hood and push downwards until it bounces. Continue pushing the vehicle forward until you can see it bounce back up and/or down two to three more times.

When pushing the vehicle down, pay close attention to how it reacts to the push. You will know that your shock absorbers are in good shape if you notice that the vehicle stops bouncing in one bounce. If your vehicle continues to bounce, this is a sign that your shock absorbers are in poor condition and should be replaced immediately.

You can double-check the condition by using a flashlight, turning the wheels outwards and shining a light on the shock absorbers. The shock absorbers can be checked for liquids by bending down. To make sure that these leaks are not coming from the shock absorbers, it is recommended that you don’t wash your vehicle or drive in rain. You will notice liquids seeping from the seal. This is an indication that hydraulic fluid is leaky. These components must be immediately replaced.

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