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Asking The Right Questions When Seeking A Plastic Surgeon

Making the decision to have cosmetic surgery can be a difficult one portland facial. After deciding to have cosmetic surgery, the next step is finding the best cosmetic plastic surgeon. Dr. Mulholland is a Toronto-based cosmetic surgeon who explains what people should consider and ask before choosing a plastic surgeon. Dr. Mulholland advises that patients should make sure their plastic surgeon has a lot of experience with the procedure they are interested in. He says that patients should also ask their surgeons several questions, including: how many surgeries do they perform each year? How long has the surgeon been performing them for? How have they handled any complications?

It is crucial to do extensive research if the patient is concerned about the surgeon’s skill and experience. Dr. Mulholland recommends that patients choose a plastic surgeon who has a lot of before-and-after photos to show. If you want to go further, ask to speak directly with patients who’ve had the procedure. It is important to find out if patients have had positive experiences with the plastic surgeon or the team of doctors who assist in the post-operative care. “Find out whether the plastic surgeon is certified by the government to practice. If the plastic surgeon does not own the facility in which they practice, how can he or she guarantee its safety and high quality? says Dr. Mulholland. Find out the length of time they have owned and operated the facility if it is theirs.

Internet research is so important because it provides so much valuable information. Online, you can see if a surgeon has ever been sued or faced complaints of negligence. Dr. Mulholland recommends that to find this information you should check the Canadian Malpractice Protective Association, or your local provincial college. Also, it’s recommended that you check a surgeons’ online reputation at websites like RateMD or RealSelf. “The most busy cosmetic surgeons have a lot of positive feedback from patients, and they also get some negative reviews. “These reviews should give you an accurate picture of the surgeon”, says Dr. Mulholland. You can better prepare yourself for the procedure by asking these questions. You can also select the cosmetic plastic surgeon who is best suited to you and your desired procedures.

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