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Academic Outsourcing: Navigating murky waters

You’ve hit a brick wall. You’re unable to see clearly because you are staring at a computer screen until 2 AM recommended reading. The temptation to pay for someone else to take my online course is strong. We’ve all found ourselves in murky water, wondering whether the shore was worth swimming to or if an elevator would be more convenient. Outsourcing academic work is problematic because it raises ethical questions.

Imagine yourself as an artist creating a masterpiece. Would you let others sign your canvas? No. Success and pride come from hard work. You can use this analogy to achieve academic success. It can be like juggling torches burning on a unicycle. Does the end justify the means?

Consider fairness. Imagine that two runners are racing and one of them gets a bicycle. Don’t fit. Outsourcing unfairly disadvantages students who work late. Comparing apples and oranges, or bicycles with sneakers is similar.

Learning is another issue. Didn’t education have its heart in that? You’ll remember learning to ride a bicycle. Balance, gears and wind in the hair were more important than just getting to A from B. Every scraped leg taught. It’s an opportunity for growth, both academically and personally. Outsourcing prevents you from progressing as the world changes.

Let’s not portray this scene in black-and-white sweeps. Grays are nuanced. In desperate situations, it may be desirable or necessary to have someone else “take over the wheel”. These situations should be viewed as exceptions and not the norm. The emergency brake is not your foot pedal.

Arguments for time management? Outsourcing can save time, but what is the cost? Fast food is faster than cooking, so it’s almost like eating it every day. Convenient? Absolutely. Long-term healthy? Doubtful. Prioritizing and balancing your duties is a skill that will serve you well after school. This balanced recipe for life is soul-nourishing and unlike fast food.

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