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A variety of mushroom-growing kits are available

The mushroom growing kit will allow you to easily grow 500-800g of fresh mushrooms from your backyard. A few weeks later, your house will be filled with mushrooms. It doesn’t take much space or special equipment to grow mushrooms. What you really need is patience. You will receive a grow bag with active mycelium as well as instructions and paperclips. Some kits can also come with a humidity tent. Each kit has been certified organic. Visit soulcybin review before reading this.

Many types of mushroom grow kits are available
* Psilocybe cubensis B+ Growing Kit
It’s the most highly sought-after magic mushroom strain. This variety grows in less than three weeks. You can harvest multiple crops with this growing kit, which yields up to 600g. You can get fruits as big as 30 cm. It consists basically of spores-inoculated substrate.
* Golden Teacher growing kit
Because of its powerful spiritual abilities, this type is very popular. It can help you reach a better future. Although this species was discovered in late 1980, they have been steadily growing. They are known as the “golden teacher” because they have golden caps. It takes patience and a lot of water to successfully grow this mushroom at home.
* Mexican growing kit
Mexican mushroom is most commonly known and popular worldwide. It was once discovered by South America’s primitive tribes and called it “flesh for the gods”. The light and simple growth make it popular among newbies. This kit produces sufficient mushrooms.
* McKennaii Magic mushroom growing kit
This mushroom growing set is known for being stronger and more suitable to consumption by those who are experienced.
* Hawaiian mushroom growing kit
This variety of mushroom grows quickly and bears large fruit. Be careful not to confuse Hawaiian Cubensis and Hawaiian Copelandia. Copelandia are mushrooms of a totally different type. It has a broad crown and bell shape, mostly of light brown colour.
* Koh Samui growing kit
John Allen (the famous mycologist) discovered this plant while on vacation in Thailand. While the fruit is shorter in length, it has large and juicy caps. You can get around 800 grams fresh mushrooms from this plant.

What exactly is a mushroom-growing bag?
As they are more readily available than filtered bags and much less expensive, many non-filtered grow bag are widely used throughout Asia and Europe. These bags are made up of wet growth medium, which is a mixture of grain and saw dust. The bag is then heated and autoclaved.

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